SULFERON - Caelesti Irrumator CD


Black Metal



Black Metal from Greece

1. God's Absolute Right 06:15
2. Christcunt 03:47
3. Throne of Rats (Marduk cover) 02:47
4. Mouths Like Open Graves 06:37
5. Halo of Shit 04:31
6. A Stream of Virgin Silver 04:29
7. Blessed by Satan Himself 03:10
8. Sanctum Detonatum 03:16

Playtime: 34:52

SULFERON's new album "Caelesti Irrumator" is a masterpiece of black metal. Released in 2021 under the Sleaszy Rider label, offers a unique take on the genre. With dark sounds and profound lyrics, the music captivates the listener. This album is a must for all metal fans looking for something new and exciting. The high-quality production and the impressive skills of the musicians make “Caelesti Irrumator” a true work of art. The CD is the perfect addition to any music collection and is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

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