ASTARTE - Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil - The Lloth Years CD


Melodic Black / Death Metal



Melodic Black / Death Metal from Greece

1. Intro 01:21
2. The Offering... 03:30
3. Empress of the Shadow Land 05:30
4. the Weep of the Ocean 06:17
5. Mournfull 01:29
6. Satisfaction of the Dead 04:17
7. Reaching the Palace 04:23
8. Outro 01:20

Playtime: 28:07

ASTARTE presents their latest album "Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil-The Lloth Years". The mix of black metal and death metal makes metal fans' hearts beat faster. Released in 2021 under the Sleaszy Rider music label, it is a must for all lovers of the genre. ASTARTE's interpretation is unmistakable and gives you goosebumps. Get the metal band's latest work now and enjoy the dark atmosphere and powerful sounds.

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