FORGOTTEN - Returnless CD


Melodic Doom / Death Metal



Melodic Doom / Death Metal

1. Summoning 00:36
2. The Forgotten Demon 04:48
3. Under Leaden Skies 05:00
4. To Follow Your Suffering 05:34
5. Within Delirium 06:07
6. Until You Surrender 09:26
7. To a Returnless Path 07:44
8. Of Disappearance 07:53
9. Throes and Demise 05:48

Playtime: 52:56

The new album "Returnless" by the death metal band FORGOTTEN impresses with a mix of dark doom elements and brutal death metal. Released in 2022 by Sleaszy Rider and offers an intense listening experience for fans of the genre. The stylistic diversity and the powerful implementation make the work a highlight for lovers of melodic doom death metal. With this album FORGOTTEN once again proves their skills and creativity. An absolute must for anyone looking for intense, dark music.

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