ROTTING FLESH - Ancient Hymns CD


Atmospheric Black / Death Metal



Atmospheric Black / Death Metal from Greece

1. Awaiting 02:27
2. Ancient Hymns 05:38
3. Haunted by the Guilts 04:14
4. Black Heresy 04:01
5. Dominate Your Flesh 04:41
6. Time Has Ended 06:05
7. Death United 03:53
8. Rot with Us 08:28
9. Skullgrinder 00:40

Playtime: 40:07

ROTTING FLESH present their new album "Ancient Hymns". A mixture of black metal and death metal creates a dark atmosphere. The raw and brutal music, accompanied by profound lyrics, is a must for fans of the genre. The album, released in 2022, contains nine unique music tracks and is released on the Sleaszy Rider music label. Anyone looking for intense and uncompromising music will not be disappointed with "Ancient Hymns".

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